About ductor

ductor is a consultancy firm specialized in Project and Construction Management providing independent and autonomous support in the client’s decision making process while managing the entire construction project.

ductor undertakes the selection and coordination of all the factors and agents involved in the building project, including engineering, architecture, construction, health and safety, etc.

ductor’s skilled technical team led by Mr. Ramón Corrochano has extensive technical experience in building projects of all kinds. This has enabled us, for example, to undertake and successfully manage the third largest commercial building project in Europe.

Figures and projects which can only be tackled with the certainty of having a highly dedicated professional team, basing our daily activity on the following firmly established pillars of:

  •  Ability to lead and coordinate all the other agents involved in the process.
  •  Reliability, loyalty and lack of any other financial motives.
  •  Clear and specific definition of scope, powers and responsibility.
  •  Ability to liaise with the Client.
  •  Initiative and thoroughness.
  •  Arbitration and coordination of all agents involved.
  •  Strictly professional relations with all the other components involved in the project.
  •  Correspondence with savings and failures, with a system of penalties and bonuses.