Construction Management

Construction Management is a partial service, a component of the Integrated Project Management which is a well established practice in southern Europe. It consists of a professional services contract which responds to a contracting and construction strategy.

With Construction Management the ductor team undertakes to:

  •  Identify the needs of the site, define the expectations of the interested parties and establish clear and reasonable objectives for finding a balance between these.
  • Manage risks during the project in order to guarantee delivery of the building on schedule, within budget and in compliance with established quality requirements and to the satisfaction of all the interested parties, always with the emphasis on Total Quality.

The client contracts the coordination and management of the construction processes which ductor carries out by breaking down activities into execution packages contracted by the client from specialised companies instead of using just one general contractor. As a result, ductor  provides the client with a highly experienced team and a tried and tested methodology using WBS.

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