Project Management

Project Management includes integrated management of all the Project’s activities performed by a professional and independent team who will assist the client at all times in order to ensure that goals and objectives are met.

ductor always assigns highly qualified human resources to each project. It will provide a team of experts who will coordinate the design, supervision of construction, scheduling and planning, costs, contracting, administration, risks and any other technical specialities required. This multidisciplinary team will have a solid engineering background, construction experience and highly skilled management ability.

ductor´s role as Project Manager extends to providing services from the Conceptual Stage and concludes with final delivery of the Project :

  • ductor collaborates and liaises with clients from day one, locating the ideal project site, checking technical aspects such as geotechnics and land surveying, urban boundaries, access, status of services for power connections etc; along with the technical viability of the project.
  • During a second phase, having determined the location and terrain, and having assessed the project viability and set targets, the ductor  team will prepare the call for tender in order to select the design, management and coordination teams for the project, checking compliance with goals and completing the administrative formalities in order to obtain the requisite permits and licences.
  •  Subsequently, ductor  and the proprietor will determine the contracting system to be used for the construction project, using either one main contractor or a number of specialised contractors who in this case will be coordinated by the Project team.
  • ductor also undertakes the contracting process, selecting construction companies, drafting and checking the bid conditions, negotiating with the successful bidders and drafting the contracts to be drawn up between the developer and these companies.
  •  During the construction phase ductorcoordinates and supervises execution of the works and controls budgets and schedules in order to meet the targets set. The procedure will only be considered complete when the building is delivered in operating conditions with all the contracts closed and finalised. .
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